5 Healthy Habits in Pregnancy

1. Drink Plenty of Water– It is possible to drink too much water. How do you know? When you are thirsty, choose water, and keep it simple. Too little may cause dehydration, headaches and muscle cramps.

2. Breath– Find time in your day to notice your breath. In the shower, at red lights, waiting in line, in times of emotional discomfort or when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Follow your breath. Inhale (through your nose) into your belly, out into your rib cage and up into your shoulders. Exhale from your mouth effortlessly.

3. Move Your Body-Walking, swimming and yoga are ideal exercises during pregnancy. Be sure to talk with your doctor or midwife before starting any new exercise routine.

4. Take Time For Yourself-Growing a baby takes energy! Find ways, you love and enjoy, to replenish your energy reserves and renew your spirit.

5. Listen to Your Body-Be present in your body to physical sensation and to your inner thoughts and intuition. Within us is an innate inner wisdom, let it guide you. Yoga can help, when we practice yoga we grow a deeper connection with every aspect of ourselves and learn to listen to our body.


  1. hanh nguyen

    the 5 healthy habits are really important and this is what’s i have learn in my yoga class this semester. it’s really help me to relax my body, my mind, and also stretching my body. breathing and listen to our body when we practice yoga is helping me release all the stress from school,work. stress is the illness of our mind, stress can cause of lost memory and heart attack. and drink enough water will clean up our body, give us a healthy skin, help our body push all the bad things out easier. so this 5 habits are good for pregnancy and also good for everyone.

  2. Megan G.

    With my best friend being pregnant this was a great thing to share with her. She was able to read this and get some great tips to help her along her pregnancy!

  3. Sarah Gray

    I had to remember these things when I was pregnant as well, especially during my second pregnancy. For the first one, I was able to relax and take a nap whenever I wanted or felt like it; however, with the second one I had a 1 and a half year old running around and it was very hard to find the time to rest or do what I needed to do for myself!

  4. Cheyenne Shipwash

    “Listen to Your Body-” over the course of this semester I have learned to listen to my body more and more. I know that I can read the things my body needs before getting to the point I am sick because I need to rest, eat differently or just a small change in my practice.

  5. Lark Applewhite

    “Take Time For Yourself” i find this to be the best way for me to practice my yoga, I take an hour a day and dedicate it to me and for my health. After I do this I feel ready for my day and I feel connected to my body and at home with my self.

  6. Lizzi

    I’ll have to keep this in mind until July. 😉

    With everything that’s been going on in my life, I feel like my pregnancy is wearing me down more than it should. I passed out for 18 hours the other day! I think fallowing these five little steps will help with keeping my pregnancy healthy without running me into the ground.

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