Be Yourself, Be Different

I have been reminded more than once recently, through church sermons, my yoga practice and in recreational readings, of the importance of being true to ourselves.  God created each of us to a unique purpose, with unique gifts, talents and interests to serve one another for the greater good of the whole.  How often do we talk harshly to ourselves, reminding ourselves of our faults, flaws and mistakes?  How often do we compare ourselves to others, hoping to change to be like someone else?  How often do we focus on the successes of others only to ignore our own?  Do you ever think what an insult to our Creator?  He created us to be wonderful, loving, caring, creative individuals to do good.  Each of us different to offer something unique to the world.  When we try to be someone else, when we deny who we are, it’s like telling God you didn’t do a good enough job with me, I know better & I want to be like that.  Then you put forth some degree of effort to change?  How’s that working for you?  I believe we can grow to be better versions of ourselves, but I don’t think we can change who God created us to be.  What we love, what we are most passionate about, what we are gifted at, what our hearts and spirits desire is, this is our truth.  We may find others who share in our passions and heartfelt desires but no one who can express it in the exact same way.  God needs us all and he wants us to be different.  Love and embrace who you are and give the gift of you to the world!


  1. Katie Trieu

    “Be yourself, be different,” really touch my heart, and emotions. When I read this article, many memories of how I always wish to change myself so others would like me while growing up came back. When I was younger, I would try to change my appearance, interests, and personailty so I can blend in with my peers and hope they would like me in return. I was never happy with myself because that person was not who I am. Not until I start becoming an adult and Begin to realiZe that god created every individual differently, and unique in her own ways. I begin to like my differences, because that seperate me from being alike from others. Therefore,I agree with your statement, “be yourself, be different”, because that is the true happiness that god can bless a person.

  2. Jacqueline Gonzalez

    This particularly hits home for me, because I’ve had so much on my plate this summer….I felt hungry enough to manage it all, but found myself continually falling just shy of my goals and exhausted. Yoga has always been a way for me to relax and clear my mind but even in yoga this semester I couldn’t find a way to quiet my thoughts. I really have been repremanding myself for not accomplishing as much as I should have this summer, but this puts it back into perspective that I truly gave as much effort as I could have and that’s as much as anyone can ask of me, and I’m proud of what I did accomplish. I would also to note that there are many different types of yoga instructors with different styles, and (with all sincerity) I really did feel like your yoga class incorporated all the good things I liked about the different classes I’ve attended. It was actually really challenging, but slow paced so I had time to embrace the poses, there was also a lot of emphasis on the mental relaxation that yoga can bring (though I struggled with this) and I even enjoyed the variety of music and the general atmosphere. Thank you, and I’ve already reccomended your class to friends!

  3. Alexis Bridges

    What you’ve written, Cortney, is so true. Its unfortunate that we live in a society which is ran by the media. There are so many pressures to dress, talk and behave a certain way..when really its not who we are. Especially the body figure standards which women are supposed to embrace are unrealistic and it oftentimes makes us view our bodies in negative ways. We need to all start living for ourselves and being true to who and what we are…even if it isnt whats in style at the moment. However, it is much easier said than done. I believe its an ongoing process which never really ends. I think over time and through self realization it becomes easier, but I dont think you can stop those negative thoughts from some how slipping into our minds from time to time. I can only hope to get faster and better at running them out!

  4. Mercedes Irwin

    This is so true. We live in a society that has a specific mold we are supposed to fall into. And when we dont, because we are different, and because we don’t know the path God has instore for us we feel we fall short. The worst part is that when we do that we are unable to see the beauty of why we are exactly where we are doing exactly what were doing. God is always in control.

  5. Margarita Martinez

    Mrs.Phillips! that was truly inspiring and beautiful! how dare we question our great creator and try to better what was created by him! it was very nice to read this because i have been having a rough few days and its nice to reflect on things like these to help better a stressful day. its a nice reflection that we can learn and grow from.

  6. Lauren Walker

    When reading this I remember all the times when i was growing up how i wanted to be like everone else, because i thought that is what we as human were suppose to do. I failed and eye exam so i could get glasses i wanted new clothes all the time, so i could be someone i was not. But i saw as i was growing up everyone had phases, so went darker than others becoming gothic or some became the complete opposite and became the jock or the cheerleader. And it was very strange to me when the goth became the cheerleader. Now that i am a little older i see that we must go through these phases to find who we truly are, even though every day for the rest of our lives we find something new about ourselves. When i got out of the middle school and went to high school the school i went to was just like any other school the the clique were not as bad as we see on tv but what i saw was the i grew up with were starting to become their own rather than part of their clique. But i am truly amazed how much i have change and becme myself over the years. And funny enough i have found out that i am very unique and no one in the world is quite like me. But i have learned that even if i wanted to change i could but that just wouldn’t be my true self…

  7. Damaris Barrios Tues and Thurs 8:30-9:45 a.m.

    “Be Yourself, Be Different” is an inspiring thought, and I am happy you have shared it with all of us. Unfortunately, due to the media telling us what to wear, how skinny to be, how to act, what is in and what is out, etc. All of this affects every one of us and unfortunately we all have fallen for the lies the media throws at us; we find ourselves trying to be like others especially celebrities. This is an insult to our Creator because he is the only truth and it is the truth that no one else wants to believe. Everyone follows the media because it is easy to be a follower, like everyone else instead of a leader. All of us are made differently, with different talents, God is a perfect being and there is a reason why he has created us this way. What we have to do is embrace who we are and appreciate we are strong and healthy.

  8. Sweta Manek

    “BE YOURSELF-BE DIFFERENT” I love the way your words maKE me feel! It is so true that I am a biggest critic of myself. I am aware of my strengths, flaws, interests and purpose in my life. Yet I always worry that what people might think about my choices. The constant struggle between my own person and the person I would like to be wears me out. I have never given a thought that God purposefully created me this way. I think if I am true to myself, focus on my strengths rather than my flaws, I can become the person that I always wanted to be.

  9. Abbie Hammad

    I believe that everyone is different. People can have same attributes, and motivations, loves, hobbies, but no two people are alike. Being different is Amazing! You can show off different things, you can tell people different stories, they say opposites attract, which in my experience is very true. My flaws i believe will be my spouses strong points. Being different is what makes life interesting.

  10. Nicole Montano

    I have a habit of comparing myself to others even though I know it’s one of the worst things I can do to myself. I certainly don’t blame my parents, but I do feel that culture does contribute (“Oh, so-and-so graduated last winter? Weren’t you better than her in high school?” – direct quote). It’s disconcerting, especially recently because I was expected to be done with college by the end of this term, to hear about old classmates landing their dream jobs. It’s even more difficult not to think to myself “if only.” If only I were as creative, or sociable, or pretty, or flexible, etc. as my friends. But I guess I need the kind of affirmation this post offers every now and then – that I have plenty of my own qualities that make me who I am. If I were any different, I wouldn’t be me, and I wouldn’t have the experiences I’ve had. Even though I’m not where I imagined where I’d be, I’ve discovered that I can still be happy and proud of myself because of the very hardships and shortcomings I’ve overcome. Even though I’ve not always been happy with myself, I have never wanted to be someone else. Thanks for these posts, Cortney, I really need this kind of personal reflection from time to time!

  11. Terry Penh

    I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others and wish I could accomplish the same things that other people have. I have a hard time being content with what I have accomplished because I feel like I need to achieve more. Sometimes I wonder why I am not able to have the same energy as someone else, or why I am not as creative. Sometimes I look at other mothers and wonder how they are able to accomplish so much more and how they are able to balance work and motherhood etc. I feel like I don’t volunteer enough or I am not as active as other parents. It has never occurred to me that these types of thoughts could be considered critical of our maker. It’s true that God creates everyone differently and we all have our own path to follow. It’s shouldn’t matter which path God has chosen for us. We should just continue moving forward to the best of our ability and be the best person with the life we are given. There will always be someone who appears to have more or accomplished more, but everyone is unique and we should continue to remember this.

  12. Shaene McAfee

    I love this! I struggle a lot with wish I could be more fit or eat better or look like someone else. It’s good to come to the realization that we are all here for a reason and to stop comparing ourselves to others.

  13. Macy Miller

    I’ve always struggled with trying to fit in and be just like everyone else but reading this just makes me realize that we are all unique in our own ways and God created us all to be, well, ourselves!!

  14. Maia Mott

    My mind defaults to self-deprecation, which is a habit that I’ve been working towards changing. The line between a joke and being too harsh on myself is thin. I tend to be too hard on myself, whether it’s work or grades, and I’m working on moving towards progress in my self-love. I recognize that I’m valuable in my own sphere and I need to value my own contributions to my life.

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