Water Is Life (Drink Up!)

Water is Life (Drink Up!)

Many of us do not drink enough water.  One of the most important reason to drink adequate amounts of water is to keep your brain hydrated.  Our brain controls everything we do, every system of our body, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, everything. Without enough water our brain, our body and our entire being cannot function optimally.  With a little bit of research you can find simple formulas to calculate how much water your individual body needs or you…

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Fluid & Free

“We are born into bodies that are fluid and free. Yet for most of us, this state of grace is sadly short lived. Judgement, emotional wounds, fear and loss become stored deep inside our muscles and bones, leaving us with shoulders that sag, hips that are locked, arms that can’t reach out, hearts that beat behind a stone wall. When we move our bodies we shake up firmly rooted systems of thought, old patterns of behavior and emotional responses that…

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So What is this Scaravelli Yoga? By Marc Woolford

I wanted to share the below article because Marc is an awesome teacher I have had the privileged and pleasure of working with for a brief weekend.  I hope he returns to the states soon so that I may learn more from him.  He has a wonderful teaching style and way of expressing Vanda's message and how yoga has inspired him.  Enjoy! So What is this Scaravelli Yoga? Vanda Scaravelli was an inspired and inspiring woman, who came to yoga…

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