Savasana SAVA= a corpse “Savasana or rest pose is an experience in itself. It is the pose through which we discover softness. It is the pose through which we dissolve into the earth. It is the pose through which we begin to experience pranayama (breath awareness). It is subtle & magical. It is bliss.” Cat De Rham & Michele Gill, The Spirit of Yoga Savasana or corpse pose is said to be one of the most challenging posture to practice.…

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Triangle Pose

Utthita Trikonasana Utthita=extended Trikona=triangle “When we stand, weight is transmitted down through our spines, into our pelvis, through our hip joints to our feet. Standing is a foundation for stability, mobility, and confidence. When the lower part of the body is grounded properly, the upper part of the body, including the mind, becomes light and agile. Energy is freed up. We learn to have our feet on the ground, to find connection to the earth and to grow upward toward…

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Downward Facing Dog

Adho=Downward Mukha=Face Svan=Dog Asana=Pose Downward Facing Dog Pose “Downward Dog is an asana no yoga student ever outgrows. It’s the garlic of yoga- a panacea for whatever ails you, which combines the benefits of an inversion, arm balance, forward bend & restorative pose all rolled into one.” Donna Farhi BENEFITS Intense stretch for the backs of your legs, especially your calves Open the hips Rest the heart Strengthens wrists, arms, & shoulders Elongates the spine Releases tension throughout the entire…

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