Flip flop, flip flop the sound of someone walking

Another noise, another distraction

Barefoot free

Nice & easy


The toilette flushes, yet another sound

Away with my worries

Alone again




Distractions are simply a part of life.  We learn through practice to focus our attention and energy in a productive and positive direction.  We continue to bring our attention back to our focal point, our breath, an affirmation, a task at hand, whatever it maybe we come back time and time again.  We learn to detach from our senses, so that what we experience through them does not steal are attention away from our breath.  We give attention to our thoughts and let them pass.  We remain open to insights, awarenesses and creative ideas and we return to the breath.  When a thought captures our attention we note it and gently redirect our focus back to the breath.  Time and time again we return to the breath and the present moment and we give ourselves fully to whomever or whatever we are doing at that moment.  It truly is that simple, with awareness and practice it gets easier to disregard distractions and follow the breath (or to complete a task).  It isn’t always easy, just keep it simple and ease will come!


  1. Karaline Chennault

    While practicing yoga in class you’ll always say to let the thoughts pass and come back to the breath. I never really would realize how much my mind would be wondering until you mention it. It’s unbelievable the change and relaxation that comes with returning to the current moment without worrying and thinking about the future and what’s to come. I never was able to get through the day without worrying however, since this class ive been able to make it through a class or work without worrying about the future just because I remember what you say about remembering your breath and living in the current moment. It really does help get me through the day

  2. Evangeline Cruz Milne

    Ill admit i get distracted by thievery and anything and have yet to find a way to quite the voices in my head. However i have been working on this a with more practice i’m sure i’ll find peace and quiet within myself!

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