Everybody get together gonna make love shine.  Do you know what it is to feel the light of love inside you?  Then all the darkness falls away.  If you feel the way I feel then I believe we have the answer.”  Dave Matthews


  1. Alex Cohen

    This week has been really hard for me. All i want to do is get away. So many negative things are going on in my life, and i just want to forget about them all. I just got out of a relationship, and it is like everything that went with it is following me. I can not figure out why i feel the way i do sometimes. i used to be so carefree, and so confident in myself. I am trying to pick up my self again, and begin again. Hopefully soon i will feel that light again, and i will be able to look at myself again with confidence and love.

  2. Crane Billingsley

    You could have just been in a car wreck, not have enough money to pay rent, been in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend and just feel altogether hopeless, but all it takes is one little text or message from a friend you knew and were close to, reminding you how wonderful you are, and how much you mean to them, that can make your whole night, and make you feel like a little girl again with the butterfly’s in the stomach.. just one little hello. So, everyone, Take the time to send that little hello today, make someones day better, you never know how desperately they need that smile. That lightness.

  3. Lark Applewhite

    This quote reminds me of that song from Frozen where the trolls are sing about love. During the song the female troll sings “We are not saying you can change him cause people don’t really change. We’re only saying that love’s a forceThat’s powerful and strange.People make bad choices if they’re mad, Or scared, or stressed.
    Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best” Thats what this quote make me think about. Not just the song it self but the meaning behind it.

  4. Cheyenne Shipwash

    My fiancé makes me feel this love everyday. When two people come together a whole new kind on love is made. One that is more powerful than the strongest storms and drive away darkness.

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