Everything and Nothing

Yoga literally translates as yoking, meaning union or connection.  This connection is meant to be with the higher self or spirit and with God.  I also believe it means a connection and respect for all life.

More than that yoga is freedom and liberation.

In the words of Patanjali (yogic philosopher credited with writing the first yogic text), yoga is the stilling of the restlessness of the mind.

Yoga is peace, kindness, joy and gratitude.

Yoga is breath and movement.

Yoga is balance.

Yoga can be anything you want and need it to be, from the simple breath and doing nothing (but paying attention) to self study to meditation in motion to exercise and much, much more.

Yoga is everything and nothing.


  1. Rachel Ashcraft

    As a beginner of Hatha Yoga, I feel strong urges to get my loved ones to practice with me, because I know how amazingly free and balanced I feel after a session, and I would like for them to feel the same. It’s hard for my husband to get it through his head that it doesn’t matter your gender, how tall you are, or how much you weigh- Yoga is for everyone!
    Setting aside a time for meditation each day (from the start of January this year) has given me a broader understanding of myself and of the world around me. This world will never be what I expected, but surprises come in the best forms of life. During meditation, the steady in-and-out of the breath allows me to relax and gives me the ability to think coherently even after I’ve stepped out of my house and into the ‘real-world.’
    Above all, yoga provides to me the self-esteem I crave. After I have completed a challenging pose, my heart seems to lift a little bit higher and my mood is always positive. Because I can prove to my mind and body that I can achieve whatever it is I aim for, yoga keeps me practicing and meditating daily for the good of my being.

  2. Rachel Kohn

    Yoga has really helped me throughout the day. It has helped me a lot with my breath and also my stress and anxiety. I will continue to take yoga because it is a huge stress reliever for me. Yoga is very peaceful for me and I really enjoy it.

  3. Kathrine Parker

    Although I have been practicing yoga in the past years, I have recently found a new passion for it thanks to you, Courtney. I have gotten my friends and family involved and absolutely love how I feel when Im finished.

  4. Cheryl McFall

    I never expected to get so much from doing so little. The challange of balance is one that has just haven’t been able to handle as my size grows due to pregnancy. I do not get the spiritual connection but I do have a great feeling of super grounded after a yoga class.

  5. Brandi Webb

    As a beginner myself I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing and centering yoga truly is. Yoga has helped me manage stress and get through the day smiling and happy. I found that on the days or weeks that I missed out on my yoga sessions that I was more irritable and stressed in my life. Yoga has really changed my life in that respect; it’s better than “happy pills” (depression medication). Thanks Courtney!

  6. Kristen Kesner

    Yoga has been so inspirational for me. I find myself doing poses while I am just watching tv or I find myself showing family members different poses. It has become a way of living that makes things almost easier. The practice with the breath has helped me ease anxiety and pain in my own body.

  7. Caitlin Geary

    yoga is different for everyone, and the description you just gave seems to encompass every thought i’ve had about yoga. it is a way to allow my mind to empty, and for my body to relax and release all the tension it hold’s due to stress i feel from my busy mind. not only is it beneficial for my spiritual being, but also for my physical being. i’ve noticed quite a change since i’ve started this class, and i’m glad for the difference and hope to continue practicing for the rest of my life.

  8. Morgan Plash

    “Meditation in motion” is the most amazing, perfect description of how I’ve felt about yoga this semester. I used to think of meditation of sitting very still and clearing the mind of absolutely everything. But Cortney’s yoga class has taught me so much about this misconception. Yes, there is a stillness in my yoga practice, but my body is moving and stretching, my mind is continuing to work. This class has taught me to allow my thoughts to happen but to maintain that stillness in my spirit. The thoughts and discomfort of some postures is there; I feel it, but I am still, calm, relaxed, and happy.

    I am meditating and I am moving and thinking all at once. I love it. Thank you for helping me find that.

  9. Megan G.

    “Yoga is peace, kindness, joy and gratitude.”

    -I originally took yoga because I needed a physical education credit, but throughout the semester I grew to love everything about yoga. I truly felt more peaceful after every class and the joy it brought to my daily life is remarkable!

    Thank you!

  10. Lark Applewhite

    Being new to yoga I have found many different things in my life have changed, I have a pause and I realize many things that I didn’t before. Yoga has given me peace and in peace i find joy in knowing that I am comfortable in my life and my surroundings. With peace I am reminded of joy and kindness.. all things that can be taken and forgotten about . Thats why i see the importance of a daily practice.

  11. Cheyenne Shipwash

    “More than that yoga is freedom and liberation.” whenever I do my final relaxation I feel my tight back settle and ground with the ground beneath me. I focus on the thought of being so grounded and center with the gravity and it gives me a sense of freedom and clarity because I am not worried to fall, I am not worried at all.

  12. emily snelling

    Yoga is a new lifestyle for me and I haven’t been more at peace. Yoga is is a balance and usually my life is very unbalanced. More people need to have yoga in their life, that way they would be less stressed and probably nicer!

  13. Corey Flanders

    Yoga has helped me feel healthier. Physically and mentally. When I do yoga, my mind feels at ease and it’s a nice getaway from the chaos of my daily life. Yoga has also inspired me to do more physical activity outside of the class so I can be a better person for myself.

  14. Ghazal Norouzifar

    I remember from your class, you always said: “don’t rush anything, if a pose is hard, respect your body and don’t push hard, let your body adopt the pose…”
    This simple concept could be generalized to every effort that we do in our lives: it may seem hard in the beginning, but like yoga, if you respect/honor yourself, you will adopt the change and eventually you would overcome that task. It’s nothing, resulting to everything!

  15. Evangeline Cruz Milne

    its interesting to sit in class with that other students and feel a sense of peace wash over all of us as we quietly go through the motions of yoga. i hadn’t realized it until very recently but we all stay very quiet and look to be deep in thought as we go. Such a calming and emotionally helpful experience that also feels very personal to share with people i only know a little bit, and yet i enjoy coming to class each day just for that.

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