Fluid & Free

“We are born into bodies that are fluid and free. Yet for most of us, this state of grace is sadly short lived. Judgement, emotional wounds, fear and loss become stored deep inside our muscles and bones, leaving us with shoulders that sag, hips that are locked, arms that can’t reach out, hearts that beat behind a stone wall. When we move our bodies we shake up firmly rooted systems of thought, old patterns of behavior and emotional responses that just don’t work anymore. Rhythm, breath, music and movement become tools for seeing, then freeing, the habits that hold us back. When we free the body, the heart begins to open. When the body and the heart taste freedom, the mind won’t be far behind. And when we put the psyche into motion, it will start to heal itself.“ ~Gabrielle Gabrielle Roth

I find so much truth in the words above I had to share this with you!


  1. Tess Mordecai

    I also find lots of truth in this comment. Through the intro to yoga class at Collin College, I have found that I feel more and more connected to myself after every session. It is hard to realize how deeply emotion is tied to yoga until you actually experience it.

  2. Kaitlyn Elliott

    I also find truth in this as well. It’s hard to get there, but once we let go, it’s so much easier to accept things and allow ourselves the happiness we deserve. I believe yoga has opened up my mind and helped me to understand it as well as my body more. I connect with it, and I know how to make myself happy. Thank you so much for teaching us yoga. It’s a great form of physical education and I plan on practicing it further even after your class.

  3. Alex Grimes

    this is so true. I never realized how free I could feel mentally through strengthening and focusing on my physical health before I took your class.

  4. Alyssa Turzai

    This is why I’ve started to love yoga, because it allows me to turn off my mind and focus on the breath and body! Amazing!

  5. Cody Waldrop

    This is so true. Just learning the breathing exercises have helped me to both loosen up and maintain a strong, healthy supply of oxygen were performing other tasks. It is truly eye opening.

  6. Terry Penh

    I am learning this now through class. I’ve known for years that I internalize my feelings too much and hold onto to old wounds for too long. I see other people who are much older in years have stronger physical capabilities than me. I often feel like my body is twice as old as I am. I have started to realize that the last few years. I don’t have the same strength and energy that I used too. I also feel that emotional pain can often manifest as physical pain, when we try to ignore them without resolving them.

  7. Alice Nolen

    I find some truth in this as well, taking a few deep breaths helps me to clear my mind and free up tension from my body.

  8. Brittney Carroll

    This article is amazing. I sometimes hold on to old thoughts and feelings that were once damaging to my body and mind. Ever since I truly discovered yoga, I’ve found an inner peace. My mind is not as clouded, which in turn allows my body to relax and enjoy each moment of each day. I’m really grateful that I found my love and passion for yoga this semester.

  9. Evelyn Weaver

    Wow, I really liked this as well. I can say that I allow fear to run my life, and it brings me down in so many different ways. I never have thought about how much it really does effect me physically though. I notice that I carry myself differently on days where I am more stressed than others or the days that I find myself living in the past. It is so important to learn how to take care of what goes on in my head so I can live a successful and healthy life.

  10. joey

    These words speak the truth. It reminds me of the philisophical idea to be like water. Empty your mind and be formless, shapeless like water. Water can flow or it can crash.

  11. Karen Aguirre

    This quote is really motivating to me because i feel like i can relate to it. As babies we are born free and fluid because we have no worries and do not grasp emotion or suffer yet. As we get older and better understand the path of life and life throws difficult or stressful situations at us our bodies hold on to those feelings causing our body to tense. As we train our body through yoga on a regular basis we learn to control the intensisty that which our daily stresses affect us.

  12. Jessica Cox

    Amazing statement and very true. So much gets built up inside of us every day that we lose control and let go of how we take care of our bodies. How quickly we can turn this around though with just 30 minutes a day.

  13. Tassanee Hardrick

    I have had anger problems and knowing how to control it and yoga this semester taught me how to do so and i know that i need to learn that. Throughout my life i now understand that life is meant to be cherish and not let fear run it.

  14. Jennifer Riggs

    So true! Yoga helps clear my mind. It’s emotionally and physically rewarding.

  15. Emily Alvala

    Ive taken yoga before many years ago, but this time it was a completely different experience stating the fact that i am pregnant i learned how to stay calm, deal with my stress, and let my mind truly become one wit the body.

  16. Alice Heng

    The sad thing about being a human being is that we have great tendency to take things for granted, and in this case, we didn’t make great use of our gifted body. In this constantly moving on and go-get-her world, we train our bodies and minds to endure hardship, emotional issues that lead to stress, anxiety, which could result in depression while we can just use our minds and bodies wisely. We can be happy and blessed by just remembering that our health is more important. We ought to do something we enjoy and relax our minds. In my case, it will be serving others, reflecting on all the blessings I have/had, and/or just chilling with my favorite music. Overall, I cannot add even one single hour to my life, so there is nothing I should be worrying about. The act of worry and anxiousness will only rob my joy and peace away.

  17. Lauren Burandt

    This is so true. Since i have done yoga my body and mind have released a lot of tension. I used to get headaches throughout the day and feel exhausted by 6pm. But now that i allow breath into my whole body and focus on my muscles i feel more relaxed and my mind is at ease. I am not as stressed out and i feel more free than i have ever before.

  18. Brittany Fendley

    There is so much truth behind this post. It seems that no matter what the case is . When things go wrong in life it is hard to shake what had happened or even sudden changes happened that were not expected it changes the mind and body. I have gone through a lot in life which I am sure most of everyone has . When I first took this course at collin college I found that yoga class one session after another I was able to let go of certain issues and slowly get back to the free body and mind that I once had. Although the body won’t ever go back to being the same it is really become more free through the practice of the yoga

  19. Kendall Brown

    I love these words, they speak to everyone! One of the reasons I decided to take yoga was to rid of the stresses in my life. And it does that and so much more!

  20. Brittany Fendley

    There is so much truth behind this post. It seems that no matter what the case is when things go wrong in life it is hard to shake off what happened or even sudden changes happened that were not expected it can change the body and the mind. I have gone through a lot in life which I am sure almost everyon has. When I first took this class at collin I found out that yoga class one after another I was able to get rid of certain issues that I was going through. All this was achieved through the practice of yoga. It helped me take on the day better and be more alert. I loved listening to my body through the practice of yoga. The body goes though many changes and this can happen through the practice of yoga and help the meditation of the body, mind, and soul.

  21. Samantha McCoy

    I personally connect to this a lot. The past two years have been full of stress and hard times for me. I found relaxation and a peace of mind through yoga. I practice daily if I can or as often as my time permits because it is such a healthy release for me.

  22. Madison Savitz

    At first it was very difficult for me to connect with my body and relax during yoga. Now that the semester is almost over it is getting easier each class to connect with my breathe and relax. I plan to continue yoga after this class

  23. Vivian Nguyen

    I would imagine this quote to be very relatable in every person’s life due to the hardships and “emotional wounds” that come along with it. I like how Gabrielle Roth approaches this, “When we free the body, the heart begins to open,” connecting oneself physically, mentally and emotionally. Without your body and mind in a neutral state, it is difficult to live life comfortably. Letting go of all that baggage could free a person from the bitterness that’s been built up, or be some type of motivation to live life better. It’s easier said than done but once it’s done, it feels so much better.

  24. Ansley Pace

    I completely agree. With all the of the stress going on around me the past few months, I found that during and after your class I always felt more open and had such a better attitude about any problems that I may have at the moment. Yoga has definitely proved to be a fantastic way to relax and ease tension for me.

  25. Sarah Gray

    I absolutely agree. The world around us is such a harsh place and the innocence of being a child fades fast with all the criticism and perfection that is thrust upon us as a society. Going into your class this at the beginning of the semester, I had no idea the help it would have not only while on the mat, but off of it as well. While the class was going on, I could feel the relaxation beginning to set in and as the day proceeded, I would feel less stressed and more focused on just taking things one at a time and taking the time to relax if need be.

  26. Cheyenne Shipwash

    Something I have learned this semester is that the breathes we take do contribute to our daily lives. With the three part breathe I feel calm and focused on the now and not so much worried about my next class or my work shift later in the week. Bringing my attention to yoga works my body through my day to day stress.

  27. Lark Applewhite

    “When we free the body, the heart starts to open” I connect with this passage in such a way that explains my need for relaxation and my time in yoga, I realize now the importance the body has on the heart, and the heart on the body.

  28. Cheyenne Shipwash


  29. Delwin J Brown

    Stress is a factor that directly influences mental and physical health. I started taking Yoga classes last summer not only to help strengthen my lower back, hips, and hamstrings but also to reduce my stress. At first it was a fight to allow my clear my mind and allow my body to follow. Now at the end of this semester I can not only feel a physical difference but my approach on life has completely changed. I have learned through three part breaths and morning poses such as simple spine twist, tree pose, and assisted bridge. I connect with my body on a level that is deeper than I can explain and appreciate everything daily practice has to offer.

  30. Gerald Dorsey

    These words are very true and I am reminded that awareness is a daily practice. Sometimes we can become so busy that we have little time to slow down and acknowledge our oneness with the universe. Whenever I begin to feel disconnected and become subject to conditions of life , words like these remind me of who I truly am. The ebb and flow life is the absolute joy of my journey.

  31. Summer Hill

    Hatha yoga for me is a great way to focus on the strengths and durability of your body with out stressing yourself like regular workout routines. Most importantly it allows your body to pause between stretches and feel the release of toxins which leaves your body and eventually leave your mind. Yoga gives us the chance to listen to our bodies.

  32. Sara Jeffcott

    I love this! It’s so true, i really believe this is why we love and practice yoga. At first it was a bit difficult for me to relax during our yoga sessions, but as the class went on i felt myself relaxing more and more and it was amazing!

  33. Rebecca Jckson

    I never knew how free and fluid things could be until i took this class. Yoga has taught me that it is okay to take a moment and think about myself and let everything around me go silent. This article was very inspiring and makes me love yoga even more.

  34. Fatina Rehman

    Yoga has really helped me and my body become more fluid and free. In our society that we live in today it is very hard to find time out of our day to just relax and move freely. Yoga has really allowed me to do this.

  35. Khoi Ho

    Every people has different lifestyle. Every people have different ways to reacted the difficulty in their life. Every people have different way to relax themselves. Those words are right, but I still not completely agree with those. Life is imperfect, but it still have something beautiful. Judgment, emotional wounds, fear and loss are ingredients to make life colorful. The important things are how do you learn from those one, how do you face from those ones, how do get over from those ones. To some people, they failed, but to other people, the learnt and get over those difficulties by their own way. It will take tear and hurt, but they learn from that so they can be stronger to overcome the more difficulties in their life. Some people have their own responsibilities so that they can not be able to free themselves in front of other people, bit it doesn’t mean they give up their fight. Happiness is depend on what people think their lown life. My grandmother was poor, she didn’t have time to free her mind or listen music or did anything relaxation stuff or did exercise like we do, but when she saw her children were healthy and educated, she was happy. The words were right, but depend on people, whether it can be applied or just words from lucky people.

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