Learning Curve

There is a learning curve to all things & the further into the process of Bottoms Up Yoga I get, both the creation of the bags & the website, the more I learn about design, fabric, the web, sewing, math, personal relations, business, time management, people & life.

I didn’t expect to learn so much & certainly didn’t realize when I began how much I would need or want to know. I will confess, I don’t understand it all, but as time goes by I am “getting it”.

At times I feel lost, like today for example during my meeting my fabric cutter. I asked him how best to order fabric to prevent waste & he explained to me the process which involves measurements, my pattern & the fabric dimension and I can honestly say I am confused & will not completely understand what he meant until I do it. Even then in may take time & practice before I fully understand.

However, I am grateful for my fabric cutter, he has gone above & beyond with his customer service & because of him I know so much more with regards to the creation of my designs & how to eliminate waste.  I love that I am learnding so many new things with the creation of Bottoms Up Yoga.  As it grows I grow.

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