Light and Love

In light, there is love.

In love there is acceptance.

In acceptance there is kindness.

In kindness there is compassion.

In compassion there is forgiveness.

In forgiveness there is freedom.

In freedom there is peace.

In God’s light and love, all is possible.


  1. T. Garcia

    The above statement, which brings to mind a scripture from the Bible, fits right along with the fact that yoga is about all of the above; it is about balance. Balance of body, mind and spirit and letting go of what we have no control over.

  2. Shauntel Villarreal

    I like this because it’s what is taught to me every Sunday, that in God all things are possible. Each week I look forward to Sunday, it’s a great end and start to each week. It leaves me feeling good about choices I have made or about to make. It leaves you with that reassurance that if something goes wrong, something else will turn out right. As much as I try to make my relationship perfect or plan out my daily move, I am human at the end of the day and will stumble more than once. If you just look UP though, all is definitely possible.


  3. Candice Gould

    I have always been fascinated by the metaphors that can be associated with light. I am constantly reminding my clients that light can bring you healing and peace. But I have never taken the time to break it down into fine detail to understand why you can find healing and peace. This little passage is so rich and so full of truth! Enlightenment is indeed a gift from God! 🙂

  4. hanh nguyen

    I like this because God is the light for everything and God walk us to find our love. God’s light and love are really important in our life. God bring us hope, happy, and love ; without hope we can’t do anything. Hope and happiness bring us to healthy life and exercising also important to our health. the health of our mind is also important. we need to relax and lets everything we can’t control go.

  5. Micah Thomson

    Learning to forgive oneself is equally as important as learning to forgive others and not harbor any resentment or negative emotions. God has given us the greatest gift of forgiveness and we must beholden to his teachings and values. Be doing this, we can be more understanding of others and in turn, be more compassionate towards others. This allows us to be prepared end embrace each new day and the many blessings it is sure to bring.

  6. Brenda Ramirez

    This is a wonderful “how to” for life. how to live. how to just begin with one step and the rest should be easier to accomplish. Its amazing how it all begins with God’s light. There is not many words that can describe the warmth of light after coming out from the dark, but this poem describes the affects that are to come.

  7. Terry Penh

    I think it is important to believe in God and to maintain faith. I support all religions and think while religions may have technical differences from one another, they all have the same same principles in common which is belief in God. Maintaining faith and hope is one of the most important principles we need to keep. Through faith and hope we can continue to see light, even in our darkest moments. And during the dark times we need to remember to keep looking for the light and know that it’s there.

  8. Emily Alvala

    i think the poem is trying to say that in order to have one thing we need to have what comes first. that everything is a balance if we loose sight of jus one thing it throws us of the course. and if you have an even balance then you can do anything

  9. Alice Heng

    There is so much truth unfolded in this short poem. In God’s presence, there is always ray of hope, peace, and love. It’s hard to forgive sometime, but forgive anyway because God forgives us first (Romans 5:5). Forgiving others will give us freedom from our own emotional tortures. When we forgive, the one who is set free is ourselves. Kindness and compassion are ways to give God His deserving glory as well. It’s amazing how this poem links the fruit that the Spirit can produce and put them into consequences that leads us back to the Creator of Heaven and earth.

  10. Katherine Terrell

    This reminds me a lot of the prayer of Saint Francis. And there’s so much truth to the idea that in order to find goodness in the world, one has to first be a source of that goodness.

  11. Billie Nguyen

    I love this! With God anything is possible! He is the light, and he is the strength!

  12. Kendall Brown

    Short poems always seem to have the most power. This seems to sort of be a guide to the simple pleasures in life, from giving love to sharing kindness.

  13. Haley Curd

    With just 8 simple lines, these words connect everything on God’s beautiful Earth back to the light and love that he made it with. The fact that all that we are and all that we will ever be was made possible by God is amazing. This poem is such a sweet reminder to take a step back and think of the foundation of the life He gave us – light and love. All thoughts, feelings, emotions, and well-being can be connected back to light and love.

    So simple, and so powerful.

  14. Lark Applewhite

    “In love there is acceptance” With some personal things happening my life I feel this line jumped out to me. I see the connection between love and acceptance. Simply put, to such a complex situation. When I love the ones I do, and others don’t care for them like I, I question them to be the enemy but I see that they just don’t see what I see and I have grow to understand, appreciate and accept my loved ones.

  15. Cheyenne Shipwash

    “In compassion there is forgiveness.” this line says things to me that it most certainly doesn’t say to anyone else. Because of course everyone thinks differently and has different situations going on in their lives. Well this line has encouraged me to dig something out that has been pressed against my heart.

  16. Summer Hill

    I think people especially when in a relationship with your significant other need know “in love, there is acceptance.” When you love someone you need to accept everything there is about them even if somethings that they do annoys you. If you’re truly in love, this should be easy to follow through and will bring a peace between each other.

  17. Ghazal Norouzifar

    Even in dark, always look for light and hope. Imagine yourself in a dark room with an open door from which light is shining. Follow the light and find the door to it, open the door, and let it illuminate your entire room (life)…

  18. Emberleigh Cecil

    Great post. I feel as if these are words everyone should live by. It captures a cycle we have to go through, but in the end you are able to find peace.

  19. Rachel

    Everyone should live by this! I love this post! Thank you for posting it.

  20. Kamina Thakkar

    I love this poem. It does lot of to me. I totally beleive in god so much. And i believe that everything does on the earth it because of God. If God does not exist on this earth nothing will happen. All is possible because of God. I honor all religion.

  21. Fabiana Gonzalez

    I really love this. I have always been, not a rude, but a very standoffish person in my teenage years, but once i started growing older, i realized that there is no reason to be a B**** all the time just because i had my guard up. I love the line that says “in love theres acceptance.” I really like this line because it reminds everyone that you always need to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you learn to accept the person you are, and you learn to accept in others with open arms. I have noticed though, that i am too loving with others at times and tend to forget to love myself, so whenever i need a little love boost ill definitely come back and read this!

  22. Tiffany John

    Wow! Something everyone should live by! Without any of those, no one knows what a true love is.

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