Loving Kindness Contemplation

The Buddhist use what they call a Metta meditation, also referred to has a loving kindness meditation.  The meditation consists of a simple collection of positive phrases directed towards one’s self, towards loved ones, strangers, communities, the world as a whole and towards one’s enemy’s.  It is intended to connect the practitioner with their spiritual heart space and help them to live from that place of love, kindness and compassion.

Here are a few examples:

May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be peaceful and at ease

May I be well

May I be happy

Steven Cope, A Path Wtih Heart

May I feel protected and safe

May I feel contented and pleased

May my physical body support me with strength

May my life unfold smoothly with ease

Sylvia Boorstein

To practice sit or lie down quietly and repeat the affirmations mentally.  First directed towards self, then again towards loved ones, strangers, your local community, greater community, the world as a whole and towards your enemy’s.  This can be a powerful practice in concentration and transformation.  Transforming negative thoughts, healing emotional hurts, making space for forgiveness, awakening gratitude and healing a person on all levels of being.  It truly has the power to move a person forward to live a happier and more loving life.

May this simple practice touch the loves of many and connect them more deeply with the love within and around them.  Opening them to more easily give and receive love and kindness.


  1. Rachel Ashcraft

    Meditation is surely an act which gives peace and serenity to one’s self if one simply allows the relaxation time and gives their mind a rest for a moment. Controlling my mind is most certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to accomplish, and I know that I have much more work to do to improve my control. When emotions get heavy and my brain feels like it’s on overload, I always remember my breathing which helps me to gain control over my emotions again and I can think with a neutral opinion, choosing the best options available to me. Love is the most powerful emotion I feel, and using love to my advantage in order to be a more serene person is (in my opinion) a major step for living a better life. Anger always brings me down and drains my energy. If I can transform anger into love through meditation then my goals will be reached. I will be a more controlled individual and can act in ways that benefit me and the world around me as a whole.

  2. Cheryl McFall

    I believe in and appreciate the positive power of such daily affirmations. While I do not consider myself a religious person but a spiritual person. Meaning that I deeply believe in something much greater than myself but draw the line when it comes to organized religion.

  3. Kristen Kesner

    Yoga is such a positive activity and its so wonderful to know that its an activity that encourages good will towards others and allows the process of thought in meditation. Meditation helps turn a negative feeling into a positive one. The yoga class I take is in the morning and it is such a great start to my day, which is with meditation and reflection.

  4. Corey Flanders

    One day while doing meditation in class, I felt completely and utterly relaxed. It really cleared my head, and I felt refreshed the rest of the day. Definitely something I would be interested in trying again in the future.

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