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Just wanted to include some information you may not know about me.  In addition to doing what I love for a living, teaching yoga and practicing massage, I also create yoga mat bags with the help of some very talented artisans here in the Dallas area.  I am the mother of a beautiful 3 year old little boy and the wife of a great guy!  I have four cats (Colby, Ty, Jewel and Pepper) and I am a huge animal lover, huge!  I have dreams of traveling to Africa to do missionary work, it is very important to me to give to those who don’t have and our suffering in poverty.  I also do what I can to improve the quality of life for those animals who have been mistreated or left behind, I have to admit that I never feel like I am doing enough.  In my heart I want to do and give so much more!  I love music, the Dave Matthews Band is my absolute favorite, some other favorites of mine are Train and Jewel.  The list goes on.  One of my favorite past times is playing rock band (not the video game) with my son.  He loves music as much as my husband and I do and he loves to listen, watch musical performances and play his instruments.  Just a few more tid bits of info, I am very clean and tidy (though it may not be obvious living with a 3 year old and husband that doesn’t share my quark), I am a vegetarian who sometimes eats fish and I hope to plant a garden this year.  My favorite color is green and I love to read and learn.

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  1. Cheryl McFall

    I am so glad that you took the time to give your readers some insight into your home life. I too am an animal lover and suffer from that tender heart. So much so that during the summer I am unable to go to Petsmart on the weekends due to the adoptions they hold. I cry everytime and want to take them all home. I had no idea you didn’t eat meat. I am curious to know if your husband and son follow the same diet.

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