One Way to Be

Walk softly, breathe deeply, love life.

By walk softly I mean leave a soft imprint on the world. Be gentle with yourself as well as with others. Walk with an awareness of your feet in contact with the earth. Be more aware.

Breathe life in. Breathe in to fill your belly, rib cage & shoulders. Let your belly and rib cage expand up, out and around. The breath is very circular. Breathe up into your shoulders; let your shoulders relax down as you exhale.  Let your breath be a source of comfort and ease always, especially when living is uncomfortable and challenging.

Finally, love people, nature & animals! All life is valuable and worthy and needs to be treated as such. It’s important that we give each other the benefit of the doubt in times of uncertainty & we forgive ourselves and others when we feel we’ve treated someone else poorly or we ourselves have been treated poorly.

Be Kind.

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