SAVA= a corpse

“Savasana or rest pose is an experience in itself.

It is the pose through which we discover softness.

It is the pose through which we dissolve into the earth.

It is the pose through which we begin to experience pranayama (breath awareness).

It is subtle & magical.

It is bliss.”

Cat De Rham & Michele Gill, The Spirit of Yoga

Savasana or corpse pose is said to be one of the most challenging posture to practice. Reason being, Savasana requires that we quit the mind & let go. Not easily done by many of us living in this western society. It is also a pose in which we rest, a place of stillness where the preceding poses absorb into our being, (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual). It is a pose of closure. Corpse pose as the name suggest is symbolic of dying, letting go not only of tension, but any attachments to living our current life. When we reawaken we are reminded of a new beginning & encouraged to let go of attachments that hold us back from living happily in the present moment.

How to Practice Savasana

· Gently roll to one side & come on to your back

· Prop your head up on a neatly folded blanket for neck support if need be

· Softly close your eyes

· Relax your arms alongside your body with your palms up. Leave space for your armpits to breath, shoulders need to be happy, make adjustments that allow your shoulder & neck to relax.

· Relax your lower body

· Use support beneath your head or knees if need be, legs may be straight or knees bent

Most importantly be comfortable and warm


  1. Rachel Kohn

    I really enjoy doing this pose. This pose helps me alot to relax and stop thinking about everything else I have going on that day either my homework or work after class. It really relaxes me and this is when i really practice my three part breath. It calms me down if I am really stressed out. I like doing this pose at the end of yoga also because it gets me ready to either go to my next class or go to work with less stress in my mind.

  2. Evangeline Cruz Milne

    Oddly enough this has been my favorite pose in each of the sessions. There’s something to be said about the sense of relief i feel physically and emotionally during final relaxation. It is in itself probably the most relaxed i am in an entire day and has done wonderful things for my mental health.

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