Scattered, Unfiltered and Unrevised

Real Life, It gets messy!


This will serve more as a journal entry for me and for the very few who may come across this entry I hope it serves as a reminder that we all can lose ourselves in the busyness of daily life.  I find this December and holiday season to be one of the more stressful compared to past years, who really knows, right?  Don’t they all feel stressful?  The result- I am more forgetful, I seem to be running in circles, surely I am exerting more effort and energy at the simplest of life’s tasks than necessary and I am exhausted!

From mid November (2017) to now December 15th, 2017, my home was sprayed generously with cat urine.  Every room-LET THE FUN BEGIN!  Out of 5 cats I am still unsure of who the guilty cat/s.  Suspicion looms, problem currently under control and it only took:  1 costly vet visit, tearing patches of carpet out of 2 kids rooms (cat urine once it sets in, is there to stay-IT’S DELIGHTFUL!), God only knows how many gallons of Nature’s Miracle (the stuff is good, but not good enough to save our carpet- AGAIN DELIGHTFUL!)  and by now you are probably sensing some sarcasm?  As the cats were under careful watch and hiding their every naughty move very well, I caught lice from my son.  This has been my worst fear since he started school!  I made it through school without ever catching lice as a child and as a mom I have heard the horrors involved.  All confirmed by the internet (want to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOURSELF, GO THERE FIRST!), doctors, a pharmacist and nurses.  Every professional I came in contact with I let loose ever imaginable question to prevent the infestation from spreading and God forbid EVER occurring again.  What I learned, as I bagged (with help) ever throw pillow, comfy blanket and stuffed animal, is what I already knew, we have an abundance of STUFF!  I won’t tell you the number of decorative pillows on the beds and couch because I have lost count, blankets I didn’t bother counting-I washed and bagged and stuffed animals-well I don’t even want to know to be honest.  For a week we washed sheets and put them, as well as our sleeping pillows in the drier.  All I was thinking is DIE, DIE, DIE YOU LITTLE………..BUGS(not what I was really thinking)!  OK, lice under control.  Surely I can enjoy Christmas shopping and start to relax a little, maybe?  Nope.  What now you wonder (or maybe not, maybe I lost you in all my EXCLAMATION !), a shower leak.  Now to go with the missing carpet, the 10 full black contractor bags: there are 5 holes in my bedroom and closet, my closet is empty (who new I could shove my close in my sons closet and the storage closet-SHOCKINGLY THERE IS ACTUALLY SPACE LEFT IN THESE CLOSETS), missing baseboards, an out of use shower and sink.  There is GOOD NEWS and it is BIG, we have HOT WATER, a blessing, because it is COLD.

So when I have grades and a semester to complete I sit here and vent to the computer and maybe the one or two who will actually read this to completion.  I sit and I ponder the many feelings I have experienced, the many things I have done to work through each of these little disasters.  It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been fun and I have cried, A LOT.  I have also LAUGHED, because now that is my best coping mechanism.  Find the humor in it all.  The energy spent, the tears cried, the questions asked, the actions taken and more to come with an unexpected bathroom remodel looming during the holidays.

All of this to say is I feel like a mess, a scattered mess, doing life, planning the holidays, living………….getting it done.  In the coming days and weeks with kiddos getting out of school for the holidays my intention is to find the joy in every moment, every frustration, every kid, every disaster, every day.  I know me and this is a BIG intention, but I am sticking to it!

May you too find the joy in the chaos, the peace in the stressful and the love in life!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy “All Holidays” and Happy New Year!

PS as the titled says, unfiltered and unrevised-now all that is left is to hit publish.


  1. Lue

    I know you remember me telling you many times… laugh or cry, can’t chenge it…. you chose to do both & I think that was a good choice. Merry Christmas!

    1. Cortney

      I am just now seeing this! I hope you had a wonderful holidays! Miss you!!

  2. Kyra Whitworth

    Life is so crazy! But I think that is just the fun of it. The craziness just really makes you enjoy the little moments in life. Just the sitting down at the table for dinner, bonding over a TV show in our down time. Life can be crazy and messy, but that is what makes it exciting and worth living. In all the craziness you create great memories to look back on.

  3. Wyatt Jarrell

    I feel that this chaos of life never ceases to exist in everyday life which leads those to either enjoy or hate chaos. I hope everything comes together into a happier chaos in the future as stressful as life is. It’s always great to see and understand the differing points from those around you in which you see so regularly only at face value.

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