The Goal

“Remembering that in the end, the goal is to love as much as you can from wherever you are, in spite of it all.”  John Upledger, DO, OMM, Healer


  1. Cheryl McFall

    This statement is so beautifully simple. It makes me feel better about myself and the way I live my life. Even if I do not follow the masses my good heart and loving intentions do not fall short of what the “goal” is.

  2. Megan Hayes

    Throughout the day, you get caught up in all the small things that tie you down to the Earth which prevents you from listening to your body and your creator. These small things that seem to bother you at this very moment are nothing, they are literally just distractions that stealing your energy if you allow it to. Many things can upset you in a day and as the day comes to an end you are just so consumed with these angry feeling you forgot love, ultimately your strongest energy. It comes through you and out into the world with strong natural force unlike anger with comes to you and into you through negative force which causes negative results, the anxious or jealousy you might feel. In spite of all the Earthly ties, you must give your natural strength to the universe in every situation, seemingly good or bad,to strengthen the others of this world to ultimately return and strengthen yourself more than ever possible.

  3. Dani Boudrot

    This quote really spoke to me and who I am morally. I truly believe that no matter our social class or place of residency we all need to come together as God’s children. We all share this Earth, and the only way to save it is to love one another as much as possible and give yourself completely to the good of the world. This love comes in many forms, whether it’s feeding the hungry, or clothing the naked, or nursing the sick, we all have to do our part. Yoga, prayer, and studying the Bible has provided me with a better insight of who I am and what my beliefs are, this quote pretty much sums it up! Thank you Cortney for sharing your gifts and knowledge with Collin College, you have truly made an impact on me! God bless!

  4. Traci O'Dwyer

    I really appreciate this quote, Courtney. It is a reminder that above all things, love is the most important. I have always lived with the goal to never hurt anyone intentionally and if I do by accident to make amends for doing so. It is also my goal to make sure that those that i love and care about know it. This pursuit has brought me peace in times of great turmoil. Five years ago when my father died in an accident, I was at peace with the fact that he knew how much I love him and that despite disagreements though the years, we have never left each-other with out a hug or ended a call without an “I love you.” There was no question that there were lose ends between us because the love over-rode all. Since then, I never end a conversation with a loved one, leave home for an errand or drop my daughter off at school without saying “I love you.” Life is just too short to leave that important information unsaid.

  5. Cheyenne Shipwash

    This quote takes me to the end of my stressful weekends full of work and school and makes me remember my friends, family and my loving fiance I have waiting for me at home. Sometimes I forget to stop and love the ones I have and just keep moving forward without telling them all that I care for them. I wish I would have seen this to be true years ago whenever I started working so hard, I find my biggest enemy with this is just the fact that I tell myself that I working so hard FOR them and its not hurting them..

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