Three Part Breath

Complete Three Part Breath

the essence of what you are doing is cleaning

the purpose of all these techniques

is to remove the the impurities

that accumulate in the lungs

so that you become lighter & clearer

unfortunately these impurities are

reluctant to move out of the lungs

you do not get rid of them with strength

but by being very alert and focused

on what you are doing

Sandra Sabatini


Activates the entire respiratory system, brings smoothness to the breath & improves breath holding for singers, divers, etc. Helps build oxygen & energy levels & communicates directly with the nervous system via the vagus nerve. This breath is cleansing & serves to both energize & relax.  It is referred to as a complete breath, three part breath and yoga breath.  It is the basis for all other breathing techniques.


  • Sit or come into lying release pose
  • Settle into your natural breath
  • Begin to relax
  • Begin by exhaling fully
  • Then inhale into your diaphragm (belly), ribs & clavicular area (collar bones)
  • Exhale by reversing clavicles, ribs & diaphragm/belly
  • Practice often


  1. Ceara Dyer

    I know for a fact the three part breath that Cortney taught me works–I can feel my body start to relax after just three of them! It is especially helpful to do before a test or in the midst of writing a lengthy essay. It helps me breathe better, and become more focused, as my nerves are no longer inhibiting me.

    Thank you for showing me this technique, Cortney!

  2. Crane Billingsley

    I copied and pasted this to the background of my computer with a decorative picture behind it to remind me, no matter how stressed I get, that is just a state of mind, and I can chnage that with determination, thank you for showing me how to deal with life challenges in more of a mental strength, inside one-self technique!

  3. Karaline Chennault

    I find myself using the three part breath more and more each day. Whenever i am in a stressful situation at work, at school, and even at home i will stop and take a minute to breath. It helps me to clear my head and allows me to make better decisions about whatever was stressing me out in the beginning.

  4. Rachel Kohn

    I find myself using the three part breath a lot throughout day. It really helps me with my anxiety and my stress. Whenever I am stressed at work at school I try to calm down and practice the three part breath and it will helps me with my anxiety. I think practicing the three part breath has even made me be able to breath better after being sick with bronchitis. I even have used the three part breath if i can’t get my mind to stop at night and it helps me slow down and fall asleep. I will keep using the three part breath even after yoga class.

  5. Megan G.

    I loved reading this passage on the Three Part Breath because this is something I have found to have troubles with during certain postures or exercises. I sometimes catch myself holding my breath in certain workout scenarios and yoga has helped me learn the correct way to breath to truly ensure a successful workout or practice.

  6. Evangeline Cruz Milne

    I’ve never really thought about breathing until yoga. Despite the importance it plays completely in life it seems to be something majorly taken for granted and widely under utilized. I imagine if this was used in as a way of teaching younger children to not only process but emotionally thrive in situations they may not feel comfortable with it would be less common to hear about child tantrums.

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