I did not expect for a biweekly blog to be so thought provoking and time consuming.  In a positive way of course it just caught me by surprise.  I thought it was reasonable to write two posts a week.  Easy enough, sit for 30 minutes or so and write out something encouraging and thought provoking.  Give people something to think about, heighten peoples awareness as well as my own.  Maybe even educate a person or two to a new thought pattern or behavior, leading people to a healthier way of living and being.  What I am finding is the ideas flow freely, however, putting these ideas to paper in a well written, honest, intelligent and well researched manner, not so easy.  I sit to write and for a bit thoughts flow freely onto paper, re-read, re-write, re-read, re-write, research, write, think it over, write some more, change some more, re-read some more and the cycles continues until I decide good enough.  Hit save, hit publish and off to the printer, okay maybe not the printer (that was just fun to write), off to my website!

I have been mulling over thoughts and journaling on what I thought would be my next entry, Honoring Others.  Turns out that will be my next entry because I am determined to keep my biweekly goal and those thoughts are not quite ready.

I learned something else in my efforts to share what I have come to know and believe thus far.  Sharing what you write is kind of scary.  You really put yourself out there.  Granted I don’t think that many are on to my little adventure here, but it is scary non the less.  Knowing that people will have their own thoughts, feelings and opinions about what I have written creates a bit of anxiety.  It is not going to stop me, I believe in moving through those emotionally fears to the great sense of accomplishment on the other side.  I look forward to it.  Writing is theraputic and a wonderful way to learn more about myself, others and whatever topic I choose to write about.

Next on the agenda, honor others a lovely follow up to honoring ourselves.  Enjoy!

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