The below article was read to a workshop at which I was participating in our final Savasana together.  It made a profound impression on me, so much so that I asked to share it with you.  Hope you enjoy!  Blessings!

Written by Marc Woolford

We are vibrational beings… we vibrate with everything, from the frequency of light we receive through our eyes and skin, the more dense but near lightening speed vibration of the movements of the eletricity in our nervous system, the sonic and subsonic oscillations of our cells and structure, the rhythms of our hearbeats and breathing, the waves of fluid rhythm of our organs and the fluid spaces within, to the daily, monthly and annual oscillations caused by the pull of the moon and sun and planets as our earth and our solar system spins in an intricate dance of gravitational harmonic variations that  effect  the rhythm of our lives … the movements of heavenly bodies within our galaxy and the music that our glaxy makes with others as the entire cosmos resonates with its own symphony influencing our species at wavelengths that span centuries, millennia, entire evolution …  at the centre of this vibration that we call life is the most powerful creative force imaginable – it is the witness.

The witness is powerful because it has the ability to resonate at any frequency it is witnessing, and in doing so, it knows directly the nature of the thing precisely as it is, and identifies with it, and in its resonance with it, feeds it, creates it, becomes it.

As human beings, the witness mostly identifies with the vibrations of the organ of the senses, the thinking brain, and in identifying with those vibrations it creates its own experience of reality based on what the brain calculates is reality.  The thinking brain is performing its function of collecting information from the vibrations of the senses, and draws the maps it needs to in order to survive as well as it can, without having to continually process the billions of bytes of vibrational information that is continually streaming in through the senses.

As long as the witness is busy identifying with thought, it cannot experience the nature of anything outside of the senses, it can only guess and predict through the brain’s calculations that are hard-wired by the sensual/ emotional/ actual experiences of the past. The thinking brain is deeply selective in what it occupies itself with and it becomes stagnant and un-vibrant in its linear, hard-wired repetition.  And in this stagnancy, the magnificent witness is submerged into the base frequency of the personality with all its fears and untruths.

Yoga (Union)  occurs when the movements of the mind become still” … Patanjale

The physical practice of yoga (which in my opinion includes meditation – it is a physical practice that in its simplicity can take awareness of the physical into the energetic realms … and in my experience, it turns out that  the energetics are simply more subtle physical manifestations), gives the mind and its thinking process, time to explore the vibrational nature of being – to investigate the cycles of breath and movement, until the mind begins to resonate with these rhythms, and draws new maps that are a little less conflicted between the desire to change/move/be still, and the rhythms of breathing.  And in removing discord, the mind feels safe and can become less busy with superficial control, so that it may travel deeper into more subtle frequencies of  fluid systems that may benefit from a refinement of harmonic resonance. From there it can extrapolate into understanding and letting go of cellular disharmony and perhaps beyond.

The dissonance was put in place by the mind in the first place, so its job is first to replace the obvious conflict with something more truthful, more natural, something that might happen if the mind was not influenced by the history of its experience. (… at other times the witness identifies with the movements of the mind ... there is upward thinking and downward thinking – Patanjale)

The brain is clever enough to be able to imagine how things would be if it was once again innocent, and then put into practice how things would vibrate in relation to each other if there was no conflict… and in practicing, it re-draws the map it is holding, and the body starts to resonate with this new, ever-refining mind-set.

When there is enough harmony, or when the mind can accept that harmony is something that arises naturally when it lets go of the map built from fear and perception of history, when the thinking mind becomes aware of the fact that its movements are the source of the fear and injury, it begins to quieten gracefully, without a fight, without the nonsense of trying to use thought to stop thinking.  In its quietening, the tables turn and the mind can start to become the tool of the witness.

When this proper order is restored, the mind and ego surrender to the unfathomable wisdom of the witness with total trust (faith), and so it can be employed to guide the person(ality) along a rhythmic/vibrational path that is in harmony with the witness’es greatest desire – to experience all that is, and in experiencing it, to reunite with it and become it.  This of course will happen anyway…once thought has died along with the body, the witness is no longer hidden behind the veil (the map that has been constructed through thought), but in returning to source, there is no-one to experience the re-union except perhaps briefly as the mind is dying.

So this is the gift, by allowing the mind to resonate with the witness rather than the witness being deceived by the dissonant mind, we have the opportunity to have both the experience of life, and the experience of vibrational resonance with whatever the mind is pointed towards, including all other life, all other realities, all time, everything.  And the low-frequency experience of being human can become elevated until mind and body resonate with the direct experience of the divine.  Heaven on Earth.

Resonating in this way is called love … and it has many many different  harmonics, from the most base to the most divine.  As the frequency steps into higher resonant frequencies, it simply resonates with more of all that is, but it is all love.  This is what the witness requires so that it can create, and its power is immense, increasing exponentially with each quantum step to the next harmonic.

Have i experienced everything that i am talking about ?  Of course not!   I’m just a bloke that lives in brighton and travels around alot teaching yoga to people that want to become innocent in their bodies again. This is just my thinking mind extrapolating from its experience of my yoga practice and teaching today.

In my priviledged position of being fed, housed and deeply appreciated for what i absolutely love doing, my mind can get  comfortable enough to let go and start functioning as it is meant to – as a tool that simply resonates with the vibrations of what the witness shines its light on.  Will i change my life for ever to resonate with the will of the Divine?… probably not tomorrow – i will be more preoccupied with having breakfast and a coffee so i can go and be in the role of  teacher to the lovely people that have welcomed me and opened their own minds to my musings, inspirations and ideas … but perhaps my musings will have risen a notch in frequency , into a higher harmonic of the love that drives me to do this work, so that i can communicate more directly with the witnesses that reside behind the eyes and minds of my ‘students’, for whom i am truly grateful. Because without them, i would not have such a pleasant way to uncover the lightness in my own being…

“the light i see in you, shows me the light that lives in me” , or: namaste !


  1. Tanya Christensen

    This article reminds me of a book I read a while ago called The Celestine Prophecy. It also describes the vibration/energy we inherit as humans and it’s effect on not only ourselves, but those around us who come in contact with us. It’s an interesting theory to consider. The author of this article does a good job describing how the resonant vibration within us can be tied to yoga practice, and how yoga is a way to tap into those frequencies. I appreciate his effort to encourage a yoga practice that would enhance the lightness within so we are able to emit it outward.

  2. Hanna Vincent

    I really enjoyed this article. It also reminded me of a book I read last summer but it was called The Four Agreements.
    The article helps one understand the purpose of yoga and how deep it is connected with our bodies. I liked the symbolism of the map being redrawn when your mind is quiet and it can focus on the body’s vibrations and connections throughout.

  3. Cody Waldrop

    Very fun read! Interesting, and I enjoyed it

  4. jennifer york

    i felt that this article was very informative, i really enjoyed reading it and like the way it ties how yoga and the body are connected.

  5. Evelyn Weaver

    I really enjoyed reading this article, and thought that it had a lot of very interesting information in it. I have attended a few yoga classes in the past, but I have never been consistent with it. I found that I have been able to tap into my body so much more this semester and have learned how to listen to it a little better. I never realized how much really goes on inside, because I get so wrapped up in everyday life. It is so important to step back and see what your body is telling you. After all, I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and we must respect the precious body we were given to carry out this experience here on earth.

  6. Evelyn Weaver

    I really enjoyed reading this article and I found it to be very interesting. There is so much about the human body that I do not know and I always love learning something new. I found this semester that one of the biggest things I learned this year was how to take time to listen to my body. I spend so much time in my head listening to my fears and anxietys that I don’t realize that there is so much else going on inside. Yoga really has taught me quite a lot of knowledge that I can take with me on this journey through life.

  7. Ryana

    VERY True!..I can’t agree more with this article..This is something that I have discovered not only about the human bodies that we encompass, but for life in general as well..Everything in the universe is a vibration; it is all Energy..

  8. Jessica Cox

    Interesting article. This really sums up what I have experienced in yoga class this semester, and it has helped me accomplish more with less stress. Whenever I would become stressed with school, work or just my body, I would take time to quite myself and just focus on the three part breath. I am happy to have yoga as a part of my daily routine now.

  9. Alice Heng

    Before I had any Yoga lessons, I thought that Yoga is the boring meditation thing that people who have too much time in their hands would do. It totally blew my mind that Yoga is actually one of the mind/brain exercise that help me to connect deeper with my mind and breathe. I learned that my mind is easily distracted by everything and anything around me, just like the article mentioned that “we are the vibrational beings… we vibrate with everything…” It’s amazing how the author related the mind to Yoga practice that physical Yoga gives the mind the ability to investigate the movement, the ground, the touch, the breathe, and possibly focusness. This article is very interesting and informative, yet so honest of how the author admitted that he didn’t experience all of what he talked about. I believe that all of our minds are in different realms, but each one of us would have some sort of great experiences through Yoga practice.

  10. Kandice Harlan

    This article helped show me a better understanding of the practice. Practing yoga has taught me to relax and accept myself, but I had yet to think of it in such a deep manner. The author was on point, there a rhythmic vibrations everywhere, yet I seldom stop to notice. Perhaps this will make me more observant.

  11. Stephanie Shanks

    This article was very informative and reminds me of an article I read recently when researching different types of yoga.I agree with everything in this article and enjoy the benefits that yoga this semester has brought into my life. It is still bizzarre to me to comprehend the benefits that yoga can bring not only to our bodies physically but also our mental health and our happiness and overall well being,

  12. Billie Nguyen

    This article is very deep, and informative. I enjoyed the vibe that it portrays without being too spiritual. It relates a lot about your mind, your body, your breathe, and your being. To me this article gives hope and goals, without trying to judge. Which ties in with my experience of yoga practices. Yoga, to me, is not about right or wrong, it is about feeling good and doing what pleases you and your body. The mind is a very mysterious thing and this article lets you kind of explore some of the solved “mysteries” by someone else’s opinion. At one moment reading this article made me think of good vibes that cause others to have good vibes; it is energy that can be passed from people to people and if there is only good energy circulating, there is no way that people can not be honest, open, and happy.

  13. Kandice Harlan

    This article was informative and inspirational. The descriptions made it extremely relatable to my own life. Yoga has been beneficial in so many aspects since the beginning of this semester. I plan on continuing my practice hopefully for the rest of my life. Yoga has help me find and hold onto my piece ofmind.

  14. Jade Smith

    I love this. I love that yoga seems to make the things that we worry about in life the most end up not being as important as we stress them to be. And that just being is important for the health of our body and mind. And if we could just focus on being.

  15. Vivian Nguyen

    I really enjoyed this article. I found it very interesting and informative. The way Marc Woolford describes people as “vibrational beings” and how those vibrations are usually only connected to the thoughts of the brain. Most people think that yoga is purely physical, but it also touches us emotionally and mentally – through meditation. This article was showed me a different perspective on how to look at yoga.

  16. Aaron Nichole Miller

    As I was reading this article it felt vary familiar to me. A few key phrases stuck out and as I took a minute to think I realized I have heard this or another version similar to this. My massage school teacher read this just before we learned Shiatsu and Reki massage. We talked about meditation and yoga and the benefits to our emotional and physical being. I wish I would have been in a place in my life to practice yoga and mediation more. This article has affected me more now than it did the first time I heard it. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Mckennah Akers

    I really enjoyed this article because it does give me a better understanding of what yoga really is about and how important it is for our bodies. When I started this semester it was hard for me to let go for an hour and just clear my mind and focus on my body, but as the semester continued I found it easier and easier to let go and clear my mind for an hour and it’s amazing how much more i get done because instead of stressing about everything i need to do i take a step back and breathe. Yoga is not only for the body, but also the mind. i like that the author included that he did not feel everything that he talked about because yoga effects every single person differently and if it effected us all the same i believe it would defeat the purpose because it’s not there to make us all feel one way its purpose to help each person cope with their stresses along with just making you feel good. This was a very interesting article to read!

  18. emily snelling

    Amazing read! Makes you open up your thoughts and related to yourself.

  19. Jennifer Payton

    Very nice! I felt very humbled and a calm spirit came over me after reading this. Yoga itself is so inspirational and a great tool to relax, take it all in and enjoy life. Love it!

  20. Cayley White

    The energy that yoga provides is something I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Very inspirational article and worth the read.

  21. Mahum Maljm

    At the start of this class at the beginning of summer, I didn’t fully realize how much of an impact yoga was going to make on my life. I didn’t find it easy to let go of everything while practicing but throughout the summer I began to find myself more and more relaxed while we practiced. Although I didn’t experience ALL of the things the author mentioned, (and neither did he), I did at time feel some of those vibes. So much stress was released and for that I am grateful.

  22. Paulina Navarrete

    I’ve done a few yoga classes before but not as regularly as this semester. It was extremely hard for me to let go and relax the entire time. I carry a lot of stress but the last few sessions I’ve noticed that although my mind does wander it’s easier for me to check myself back in to the meditation. Yoga has definitely helped me!

  23. Gerald Dorsey

    WOW! It is very liberating to know that I have control of my feelings. I now realize that my emotions are a natural gauge for the energy that I am emitting. I am so very thankful to have the awareness to recognize any discordant feeling and I have the ability to shift that energy to love and harmony. The daily practice of affirmations and yoga is the key to my well being and it is exciting to know that my personal evolution continues. The key is to remember who we are – vibrational beings with immense power to create magnificent things in the world!

  24. Sean Drucker

    This article was a very interesting read and perspective on the human body. I’m always interested in hearing different people’s perceptions on different things in life, and this outlook on life itself was very interesting to read and think about and realize is so very true. Really gets you thinking about how basic all life really is and how we are all such similar beings.

  25. Angelica Russo

    I have a little knowledge on meditation and the positive effects it has emotionally, mentally and physically. i know that thoughts are imaginary and non-existent, and are based off past experiences, and how it will effect our future. This article has informed me a little about the vibrations of the body and how meditating and vibrations are related. this article makes me want to learn more about how they are connected, and would like to learn how to realize it more often.

  26. Summer Hill

    I am also wanting to teach as a career, preferably children. I think it would be the most rewarding among other careers to watch others learn new things and get inspired by myself. I think if someone loves their job it creates a harmony inside of them which spreads even more harmony toward others.

  27. Gaby Morgan

    Took a few re-reads to understand, but definitely made me see myself and the universe in a new perspective! I had never really thought of how human beings were connected to the universe by the things we have in common with it (such as these vibrations)

  28. Jacob Thomas

    This was a very interesting read. The human psyche is fascinating and this is a great perspective on it.

  29. Kacie McCulley

    I really enjoyed reading this article and found it interesting. Before this class I took yoga when I was a swimmer with my team but I never felt connected with my body or relaxing. Once I took your yoga class I found myself connecting with my body and relaxing, plus i found that i really enjoy meditating.

  30. Taylor Massie

    This article was very interesting to read. I thought it was very informative and definitely explained yoga in a positive way. Yoga has definitely shown me a different way of quieting my mind when needed and I couldn’t imagine without it.

  31. Mayela Garcia

    When reading this article I couldn’t help but feel a sense of calmness when reading it, the flow of the author’s words really put his thoughts into persecutive about vibrations and the connection with the body. To me, it unbelievable how everyone sees the world differently and yoga has helped me see that within this last semester.

  32. Jensine Logrono

    This article was very eye opening and inspiring! Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  33. Stephanie Camacho

    Awesome read!! This past weekend I went to a seminar that talked about vibrations and sound frequency waves that are emitted and reflected off to the people around you when you speak. Going off of that, this article was extremely relevant. This is so beautifully written. It is mind-boggling how everything intertwines: science, nature, emotions and people. This gave me an even better understanding of what yoga is and what the practice purpose really is, having experienced it first hand. Love is so important and embedding that love in everything we do with the people we love is healthy and gives us the energy to see our own light. I love the word choice such as harmony, love, trust and still because in actuality, yoga are all of those words.

  34. Emberleigh Cecil

    I found this article to be very informative. It helps you understand that yoga is about being connected to your own body. It really helped me understand why yoga is truly beneficial not only for your body, but also for your mind.

  35. Riley Willems

    I really love the quote, “teaching yoga to people that want to become innocent in their bodies again.” To me this means that practicing yoga will allow people to absolutely be in touch with their bodies, sometimes for the very first time. So many people are occupied with the vibrations of thought that causes the mind to wander and lose touch with the vibrations of the body. If someone wants to begin to be more in touch with their bodies, the can find a new innocence by listening to their bodies and understanding the new beginning that the mind has been waiting for the whole time. The innocence will allow a person to have a whole new perspective on life since the practice of yoga takes the mind to a new place that most people have not yet experienced. Before taking yoga, I had been so preoccupied with thoughts about the past and future that I had stressed myself out because I wasn’t in the present. Being in the present is where the body will experience this new innocence; nothing matters except the realization of the perfect vibrations in our bodies. I had never thought that listening to my own breath and being aware of my heart beat could cause me to have so much peace within my self. I am nowhere near gaining this new innocence because I have not yet learned how to completely let go. I know if I continue to practice yoga then I can come closer to the greater realization of what has been in front of us this whole time… life.

  36. Kincaid McMinn

    At first I was confused, thinking that the witness was simply put, the human being. And it is in a way, but so much more. Loved the cautionary tale of how one can easily lose touch with the vibrations of the universe through the monkey-mind chatter and fear, but also giving a guideline to get back into rhythm and quiet that chatter. Took a second to get a handle on the abstract “witness” but once accomplished, loved the article.

  37. Kaelyn Otto

    Very beautiful to read, the aspects of vibrations and connections described is so important for every human being to understand- I feel it is more understood between non-(modern) homosapian species. Too often humanity looses touch with how we are so connected with the species around us, let alone the fact that we ourselves are a part of this living, broad universe. This article replenishes the very idea of how connected we really are, how yoga can improve perhaps a missing or longing for connections, and how recognizing it is vital.

  38. Shannon Roper

    This was a really interesting article. From the very first line it had me hooked. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of vibrations and human beings linked to one another like it was here but it actually really makes sense to me. The idea that people are essentially vibrations and how this effects the way we interact with the world around us is just such a cool perspective on life. Originally I only really signed up for yoga fill a general requirement in my degree plan. However, I’ve found the experience overall to be very eye opening and incredibly helpful in how I go about my day to day routine. It’s really relaxing and it helps me get in the zone for what I need to do. I feel like it’s easier for me to focus on what’s really important at the time and to not worry quite as much about the stuff that I have little to no control over. This article really expanded further a lot of my own thoughts on the practice. Definitely worth giving a read!

  39. Rebecca Jckson

    This article was very interesting and eye opening! I didn’t realize how all of us can get easily distracted and lose way with the vibrations of the world around us.

  40. Keegan Latham

    Interesting read — As a college student training to be an actor, vibration is very important. Having an innate energy is inside all of us, and on stage, it is exemplified tenfold.

    Using those vibrations to your advantage will allow you to move freely on stage, and command audiences.

    Very cool to see how that vibration can be unlocked/manipulated through yoga, and acknowledging those innate energies are of the utmost importance to enlightenment.

  41. Amanda Karry

    This really resonated with me it is amazing that our body’s vibration and the Earth’s vibration is of the same frequency and that we are truly connected to Mother Nature. I feel that my yoga practice does bring me closer to that connection when the toxicity and unbalance of the world rocks your frequency.

  42. Shaene McAfee

    Very interesting read!

  43. Tiffany John

    Great article! Such a great and different perspective to look at!

  44. Dylan A Rich

    As human beings, we often forget how small we are compared to the world around us. We are ants compared to the vast cosmos above us. I found this article very interesting because it reminds us that we are a small piece of the entire universe. We are connected to the universe by the air we breathe, food we eat, and even the things we are made of. In order to grow as individuals, we have to become more aware of the world around us and the part we play in it.

  45. Shardai Scott

    I’m fairly new to yoga but I find this very interesting!

  46. Alberto Angarita

    Interesting approach and I have to say I must agree with this article… I can relate to the feeling of yoga connecting me to something bigger.

  47. Malintzin Camara

    This article is very insightful and really made me realize a few things. The main thing I took away from this article is the fact that, as vibrational beings, we are putting out so much more than we realize. The vibrations that come from us are unseen so it is easy to forget that they exist, but being aware of this can have a lasting impact on your day to day experiences. Knowing that we are radiating our own energies, reminds us that we must only put out positive things. And on the other side of the spectrum, we must remove ourselves from people or things that have negative vibrations because they have a profound effect on us and the way we live our lives. As humans, we tend to focus on what we can see rather than what we feel and this article clearly explains what the importance of the unseen is. The most important thing we can do in this quest for a life of positive vibrations is to be mindful and always aware of the things we cannot see with our eyes.

  48. Jay Lundberg

    This has been very parallel to the thoughts in our final savasana’s this semester. It has been a pleasant time to think about the things in my life and meditate a little with the body just have been going through a nice yoga class. I really enjoyed the article as much as I did in our savasanas this semester!

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