Yoga Defined

Yoga literally translates as union, connection or yoking.  The practice of yoga, both the asanas (yoga poses) and breath work, is intended to deepen your connection with all life on this planet~people, animals and nature.  Through our work in yoga we grow closer to ourselves, learning more about how we function physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  From our highten awareness we learn to accept ourselves  as we are and as we learn this we learn to accept others and let go of our need or want to change or control them.  We also learn to acknowledge where there is room for growth and thus begin a beautiful tranformation.  The ultimate connection in our practice is the one we hold with God.  The beauty of yoga is that  our connection with God is unique to each individual and not tied to any one religion.  There is no judgement, only space to be who you are and grow into the heartful spiritual being God meant you to be.

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